Unison Festival 2018

Subsidized Registrations Policy

It is the intention of the Unison Festival Board of Directors to make the festival accessible to as many singers as possible. To that end, Unison Festival is making a limited number of subsidized delegate registrations available for $100.



1. The value of the subsidy accorded with a subsidized delegate registration is $75.

2. Unison Festival reserves the right to limit the number of subsidized delegate registrations accorded per choir, to ensure equitable access to the subsidized registrations.



3. Subsidized delegate registrations will be allocated based on need.

4. Only singing members of participating choirs are eligible for subsidized delegate registrations.

5. In order to qualify for a subsidized registration, a prospective delegate must also be receiving an equal or greater subsidy from another source.


Application Process

6. Choirs apply to Unison Festival for subsidized delegate registrations on behalf of their members.

7. Applications must include:

a. Singer’s name

b. Singer’s section in the choir

c. Extent and nature of the subsidy or subsidies the singer is receiving from other sources (e.g. $100 toward airfare)

8. All requests must be submitted by email to admin@unisonfestivalunisson.ca.

9. The deadline for submitting applications for subsidized registrations is November 30, 2017.


Allocation Process

10. The applications received will be reviewed as a group.

11. Subsidized registrations will be allocated in order according to need.

12. Choirs will be informed of the allocation decisions by December 7, 2017.

13. In the event that an individual does not receive a subsidized registration, they will be considered eligible for the early-bird delegate registration rate.