Unison Awards for Service, Innovation and Legacy

Unison Choruses Canada established the Unison Awards in 2023 to provide an opportunity for Unison member choruses to recognize individuals, choirs, and organizations that have enriched and improved their communities through choral music and friendship. The inaugural awards are being presented at the 2023 Unison Festival in Halifax.

Inaugural Unison Award Recipients

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Award categories


This award is given to an individual or organization that has gone above and beyond in their service to Unison or to a member chorus. They have been instrumental in moving the group forward and have provided exemplary service as a long-term volunteer, a board member, or staff.


This award is given to an individual who, through creative force, has made an impact on Unison or on a member chorus by their creative, imaginative, and innovative artistic endeavors.


This award is given to a noted leader or builder of, or donor to, Unison or a member chorus. They are recognized by their peers and colleagues as an individual of strong character, and a generous personality who had shared their passion and vision with others, thus having an impact on the choral movement in their community or nationally, enabling growth and sustainability for the organization.

In the Legacy category, the inaugural awards also pay tribute to the choruses across the nation who have hosted the Unison Festivals since their inception in 1998 in Edmonton