Unison Choruses Canada (“Unison”) is offering subsidies for delegate registration to help as many individuals as possible attend the 2023 Unison Festival in Halifax.

Subsidies available

Four subsidy levels are available.

  • $50
  • $100
  • $150
  • $200 (maximum one per chorus)

The total number of subsidies available will depend on the funding available and the number of subsidies requested.

  • Deadline for subsidy applications: November 30, 2022
  • Subsidy allocations will be finalized by January 20, 2023
  • Deadline for payment of subsidized registration invoices: February 10, 2023
Application Process

Choruses apply to Unison on behalf of their members. Individuals who do not belong to a chorus may apply directly to Unison on their own behalf.

Information required in the subsidy application:

  • Number of members for whom a subsidy is requested (singers or staff)
  • For each individual for whom a subsidy is requested:
    • Subsidy level requested
    • Why the subsidy is required
    • What other assistance the individual is receiving for the festival
  • Names are not required at the application stage. Names will be requested once subsidy allocations have been determined.

Submit subsidy applications by email to by November 30, 2022.
Download subsidy application form (PDF)

Important: All delegates requesting a subsidy will have to register for the festival prior to the early bird deadline (November 30), to create a registration invoice. They do not pay the invoice at that time. It will be held in the Integra system pending the subsidy decision. Should an individual who has requested a subsidy not receive the subsidy requested, they will have the option of cancelling their registration with no financial obligation to Unison.

Subsidy allocation

Unison will review all the subsidy applications together. Unison will then advise each chorus how much subsidy funding is available for their members and whether any of their individual subsidy requests are deemed ineligible. In the event that the subsidy requests from a chorus exceed the funds available, the chorus will be asked to provide direction for the allocation of the subsidy funds.

Once the subsidy allocations have been finalized, Unison will ask for the list of members receiving subsidies. The subsidy amounts will then be applied to the relevant registration invoices in Integra and payment of the invoices will be required.